Work-Life Balance Tips: 6 Secrets Of Smart Leaders


Work is always demanding. There will always be deadlines that need to be met and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. It is highly likely that one's workload can take over an employee's life. This could result to health problems, burnout and job dissatisfaction.

Entrepreneur shared six secrets that smart leaders ought to do to help their team achieve work-life balance. These tips will make sure that the team is healthy, motivated and enthusiastic.

1. Enjoy your personal time. As a leader, you need to show your team members that taking time off to recharge is a good thing. Your action sets the tone for your work environment. If your employees see you working 80 hours a week then they will think that they need to do the same.

2. Don't praise those who do overtime. Managers should not affirm team members who constantly stay late in the office, bring work home and work on weekends. This will become the norm if it is constantly seen in a positive light.

3. Motivate your employees to take time off. Encourage them to go on vacation and allow them to pursue outside interests. Giving your team the time to relax will do wonders for their productivity and efficiency.

4. Find out what benefits makes your team happy. Work-life balance in this era of instant messaging and notifications has become quite blurry. Millennials don't mind answering emails at night or over the weekend. Leaders need to know and understand what energizes your team and what burns them out.

5. Look for productivity tools and apps. Technology also has its advantages for work-life balance. Leaders can search for apps and software that can help workers finish their projects more efficiently.

6. Give them workplace flexibility. The publication noted that a lot of employees do well when workplace flexibility is available. It is believed to lead to employee satisfaction. As a leader, you should find alternatives that can help both the company and the employees.

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