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Caring For The Environment At The Tip Of Your Fingers:How Online Education Actually Helps The Planet


Online education has grown quite popular nowadays. This is because it offers flexibility and convenience for students, unlike traditional colleges and universities.

Online education is a new approach to teaching and learning that pushes the boundaries on traditional classes. It has helped several working adults finish their degrees, whether graduate or post-graduate, and continue with their respective careers at the same time.

Earth911 shared the positive impacts that online education has on our planet. It focuses on the physical aspects that no longer need to be built or created because of digitalization.

No more extra classrooms

This saves the environment because colleges and universities can expand their reach without building extra classrooms to accommodate more students. Construction plays a large part in pollution because of its use of diesel-powered equipment.

Lesser need for transportation

Online education contributes to lessening the air pollution problem because students no longer need to be in the same physical location as their professors. Students at an online college lessen the pollution that would have come from their commute to and from school.

Lesser use of plastics

With online students just staying at home for their classes, there is little need for using plastics as opposed to when they just buy food from the cafeteria or from fast food restaurants. Vending machines are also notorious for contributing to pollution with its food wrapped in non-recyclable packages.

No need for burning large amounts of fuel

Staying at home and using smaller heating and cooling systems is actually more efficient than the ones used in large buildings like in schools. This is even taking into consideration the number of students who would be using these systems together.

No need for paper

Traditional colleges and universities consume massive amounts of paper. Not only is the paper industry using up wood, it also uses more water, The Paperless Project reported. Online education allows professors and students to send documents electronically, only printing necessary documents.

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