Entroware Ubuntu Laptops As Potential Linux MacBook Killer; Learning New UI Not As Hard As Expected


A UK-based retailer Entroware now specializes in Ubuntu Linux-based computing solutions and services for those transitioning to Linux minus the hassle of setting up, thereby offering professionals another alternative to the MacBook Pro. The desktop environment is different from MacOS or even Windows but shares 95 percent similarity that makes the transition to Ubuntu easy.

Moving to Linux is often deterred by the difficulty in setting up the computer even for the more accessible Ubuntu. This is why most laptop users stick to the bundled operating software bundled by the manufacturer until Entroware comes into the picture. The UK retailer has an extensive array of laptops, desktops, and servers that run Ubuntu. Moreover, users do not need to set up the hardware, configure drivers or ensure compatibility, which are tasks handled by Entroware.

Entroware clients can choose the specs they need in their MacBook Pro alternative particularly in the choice of processor even going for the high tier Intel Core i7. RAM storage can also go as much as 4TB on primary SSD and 2TB for the secondary one, which are specs that are configurable on their official website. The price point naturally varies depending on the options chosen but professionals with moderate workloads can settle for a $650 Orion Ubuntu laptop as reviewed by Forbes. The said laptop had the Core i3 processors running at 2.4GHzm 8GB of DDR3 memory and 250GB of built-in memory.

The Orion Ubuntu laptop as a MacBook Pro alternative may pale in comparison design-wise, but at its current price point, it is the kind of device chosen for the software and not on looks. It is slightly heavier to its Apple counterpart but in terms of workloads, it does its job well in tasks like audio editing, ID3 tagging, file uploads, artwork generation, studio management and blogging. All these tasks are accomplished via a suite of tools installed from a central repository that acts like an app store.

When it comes to software, the Ubuntu laptop particularly running the stable 16.04 release offers a different desktop environment from MacOS or Windows. However, the learning curve should be low since the UI is 95 percent similar. Moreover, the current trend of using cloud-based services enables more work done in the browser rather than on the machine itself.

The Ubuntu laptops from Entroware is the latest addition to the growing list of MacBook Pro alternatives. The Microsoft Surface Book and Dell XPS laptops are the closest contenders performance-wise and in size and design. There are more Windows 10 laptops that can match the Apple hardware though there may be some compromises when it comes to size, display or hardware used according to NotebookCheck.

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