2017 MacBook Pro With Kaby Lake More Like iPad; Consumers May Expect Yearly Models Of The Pro Lineup

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The 2017 MacBook Pro will reportedly be equipped with Intel's Kaby Lake processors, which make the device closer in feel and in specs with the iPad. Apple's new direction for the MacBook Pro lineup may see yearly iterative updates just like the iPhones and iPads. Consumers may see new Pro products every year with incremental changes in hardware specs that after three years, consumers may be enticed to switch to the latest model.

Under the hood in the 2016 MacBook Pro is internals that is not easy to fix. This is because Apple's chief design is to make the device as thin as possible. A wide range of components is so tightly packed into the circuit board with just a handful of pop connectors or plugs. Apple engineers needed to solder the chips and wires straight to the board to achieve the thin design, which will most likely be seen in the newest 2017 MacBook Pro.

Consumers may then expect the internals of the 2017 MacBook Pro to be repaired only by technicians authorized by the Apple store. With natural wear and tear kicking in, repairs may get expensive and buying a new one may be a wiser choice. Moreover, Kaby Lake processors make the Pro lineup more like iPads, which follow a predictable schedule of hardware upgrades. Apple may be moving to bring incremental changes for the MacBook every 12 months.

These 2017 MacBook Pro updates could be unveiled in October each year and then release by late November, which will sit well with Tim Cook's preference for predictability as can be seen in yearly iterations of the iPhone. Network contract considerations require a new model ever year with users replacing their old ones for the latest iPhone every two years. With regards to the iPad, it has been erratic in the past but recently has shown some spec bumps on a regular basis. Consumers may now expect the iPad to have yearly iterations as well with users more likely to pick a new one after three or four years, Forbes reported.

The 2017 MacBook Pro can have incremental changes in hardware specs like in memory, storage, processor, and battery life. Consumers may not buy a new one every year given Apple's steep prices, but they could be enticed to buy after three years. A total of 36 months worth of updates with new features and innovations will be hard to resist for consumers and good for Apple's business as well.

The 2017 MacBook pro is expected to come out this year. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that there will be a 12-inch MacBook to enter mass production by March and may have 16GB of RAM. There will also be the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro to be mass produced by July and the high-end 15-in model with 32GB of RAM, PC Advisor reported. More details may be revealed during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

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