Apple Macbook Pro 2016: Battery Performance Failed To Meet Consumer Reports Standards; Another Blow To Apple’s Reputation [Report]


The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 has long had the battery problem, failing to meet the promised 10 hours when tested repeatedly by Consumer Reports. The laptop is the first MacBook not recommended by the publication, comprising another blow to Apple's reputation with various products having performance issues as reported by users.

MacBook Pro 2016 Testing

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 underwent rigorous testing conducted by Consumer Reports that perform real-world testing. Three models of the MacBook Pro 2016 have been tested and compared, namely, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the 13-inch without Touch Bar, and the 15-inch with Touch Bar.

The test included launching Safari and opening 10 webpages repeatedly for three consecutive trials. This is unlike what is being done in benchmarking, which is akin to watching videos without connecting to the internet.

MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Performance

The Consumer Reports discovered that the 13-inch model with Touch Bar lasted for 16 hours during the first test, 12.75 hours in the second and down to just 3.75 hours in the third test. The 13-inch without Touch Bar ran for 19.5 hours in the first test then sank to just 4.5 hours in the succeeding test.

Meanwhile, the 15-inch with Touch Bar started with 18.5 hours then plummeted to only 8 hours. The results clearly show the inconsistency of the battery life of the MacBook Pro 2016, contrary to what Apple has indicated in its spec sheet that the battery will last for 10 hours according to CNN.

MacBook Pro 2016 Software Updates

Apple has known about the MacBook Pro 2016 battery inconsistency problem just after its release in October. Apple released software updates to fix the problem, but various users continue to experience the same problem.

The latest update to Sierra has even removed the remaining battery time indicator, possibly an attempt to downplay the issue. When asked why, Apple claims that the MacOS battery life calculator has proven to be inaccurate and misleading, calling for the removal of the indicator, Business Insider reported.

MacBook Pro 2016 Other Issues

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 has not been recommended by Consumer Reports, not only because of inconsistent battery life, but possibly for other reasons as well. The laptop has no SD card, priced way higher than other laptops with similar specs, and there is no MagSafe.

To recap, Apple products have been beset by various problems lately, not just limited to the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 for even the iPhone 6 has been known to turn off when the 30 percent battery level is reached. It appears that the Cupertino giant is losing its focus, something that has happened before, but this time there will be no Steve Jobs to fix it.

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