MacBook Pro News: Fewer, Unimpressive Upgrades As Apple Prioritizes The iPhone and iPad; Loyal Users Switching To Microsoft Surface [Report]


The MacBook Pro is lagging behind rival products because of fewer upgrades or unimpressive ones, a result of Apple's reorganization to prioritize work on the iPhone and iPad. Mac loyal users are now making a switch to Microsoft Surface laptops with the productivity boost from Windows 10 and unequaled performance of hardware.

Mac laptops are overshadowed by the iPhone and iPad as Apple focuses on their mobile devices and tables, which comprise 75 percent of their revenues. Analysts believe that Apple should not neglect the MacBook Pro, though it only provides 10 percent of total sales because of its captured loyal market and also because the Mac laptop is responsible for Apple's revival in the early 1990s.

MacBook Pro Debut in 2013

The MacBook Pro featured a slimmer design and louder speakers, a great hit with the tech people, but not with the creative ones. In fact, Apple has lost its influence with the famed industrial design group of Jony Ive including the software team of the company because of its lack of creativity tools.

The MacBook Pro laptop was launched in 2013 and has not received any upgrades until October this year. Moreover, the upgrade is unimpressive with new features like the USB-C port, new graphics processor and minor tweaks in processing power for the 12-inch laptops.

MacBook Pro Manufacturing Issues

One of the problems affecting the MacBook Pro is that Apple is highly dependent on Intel for its key chips, meaning any delays by Intel will also have a direct impact on Apple's capability to come up with newer laptops. Moreover, the MacBook Pro is the first laptop to be made in American soil, in answer to pressures to create more jobs for Americans, but at a high cost since Apple has to design its own tools and train new people to operate them according to Bloomberg.

MacBook Pro Design

The MacBook Pro has a battery that underperforms its promise of ten hours, primarily because Apple rushed its debut and opted for old designs before engineers could finalize the new battery design to boost battery life. Apple engineers were working on battery cells that will be incorporated into the laptop's design rather than the standard square cells.

MacBook Pro's Rival

The MacBook Pro has alienated its loyal customers, who are now looking at Microsoft Surface laptops as a much better alternative. Not only does Microsoft provide productivity tools in Windows 10, but the Surface design features a tablet-type functionality, ironically pioneered by Apple according to Chicago Tribune.

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