SpaceX Summer Intern Shares Tips On How to Qualify For The Program [Video]


SpaceX is now accepting applicants for its Internship Program. Students dreaming of an internship job will have to pass through rigorous selection process.

One college student taking aerospace engineering realized that dream when she was accepted as an intern. Dawn Andrews is a junior student at Georgia Tech. This summer, she will be occupying a paid position at SpaceX office, according to University Herald.

The tips she gave were based on her experiences and other students aspiring to have their internship at SpaceX might find these useful

Here are some tips given by Dawn Andrews, according to Forbes..

Be a Lego master builder

Dawn Andrews loves building vehicles since she was a child. She did this using Lego. For those aiming to join a space program, refreshing building skills using Lego will be a great help. Students aiming for an internship at SpaceX could expect to be asked to design and build vehicles. A review using Lego can increase one's chances of being accepted.

Learn to enjoy Math

As a SpaceX intern, mathematics becomes part of one's daily life. Math skills and knowledge are needed in tasks usually assigned to aerospace engineers. Students who excel in math would have better chances than those who hate numbers.

Be Able to Build "CubeSat"

A "CubeSat" is a small satellite that can be used in space. Andrews also refered to this as "toast" because it looks like a loaf of bread. "CubeSat" can be released in space and used for research purposes.

Dream Big

Many students enrolled in courses relevant to space exploration and travel hesitate to apply at SpaceX. They think that they should be geniuses in order to get accepted. However, the best way to get into this awesome company is to dream big and go for it.

This means realizing one's dream by taking the most important step and that is applying to SpaceX for internship this fall or this summer.

Online applications are welcome. Remember the tips shared by Dawn Andrews. Use them to have the chance to get an internship job at SpaceX.

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