Small Companies Attract Interns by Accepting Applications All Year Round


College students and graduates who miss deadlines for internship application should not lose hope. Nowadays, small businesses are eager to have interns. Those interested may apply anytime.Small companies do not set deadlines for student interns. Some students find this convenient especially if they are still completing the documents they need in order to apply.

Just like big companies, small businesses benefit from having interns. They can learn new ideas from students or fresh graduates. Interns that perform well can be hired as regular employees. They can be real assets to the company. In addition, it is easier to end employment with an intern than with a regular employee. A regular employee might go to court when his employment is terminated without just cause, according to Entrepreneur.

This means that the company can just tell the interns to stop working. This will prevent getting stuck with an employee who does not know how to do tasks or those who are lazy to work. Most companies hire high-performing interns for regular posts.

Understaffed companies hire interns to augment their work force. Interns can be trained to handle official duties in the company. The best training is to let them do the work as if they are regular employees. Companies pay interns but it is less than that of a regular employee. This can help the company save money, according to Chron.

Internship is also beneficial to students. They apply what they learn in the classroom to their work places. They can get paid while still an intern. This means they earn while they learn. Some of them can be hired by the company. Those who apply in other companies have better chances of getting hired than those who did not have any internship, according to Money.

Apparently, both the interns and the company benefit from an internship program. Students learn their job well and in some offices, they will be paid. This will be a great help to students.

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