International Students Welcome Practical Training Centers in Shanghai


Shanghai has been building practice-based centers since November last year. These centers will provide internship opportunities for international students studying in Shanghai. Foreign students in other areas can join the internship program.

Shanghai is looking forward to making its universities the center of learning for international students. Around 4,000 international students studied in Shanghai. They come from more than 100 countries from all over the world. These students recognize the importance of internship. This is why they were happy about the practice-based centers, according to China Daily USA. The practice-based centers will help them gain experience. This will help them find work quickly in the future.

Universities in Shanghai tied p with several enterprises in the city. These enterprises will hire university students as interns. These students can easily find employment after graduation. This is because they have experience as interns already.

International students in Shanghai can easily stay and work after graduation. Regulations regarding international students have been made easier. This is part of China's efforts to develop its education international higher education. Most students in Shanghai take business-related courses. Schools partnering with businesses paved the way for better internship opportunities, according to The Pie News.

The number of paid internship in Shanghai and other parts of China had increased. Shanghai internship will start on June of this year. Applicants in the fields of business, law and other fields are welcome. International students who want to remain to work after graduation have minimal requirements. Students need to get employed in fields related to their studies. They must be 18 years of age with no criminal records. They need to speak Chinese fluently, according to Absolute Internship.

With these developments, Shanghai can be the next destination hub for international students. The strict US laws regarding visa extension of foreign students, it will present an excellent option. The availability of internship opportunities will add to its appeal.

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