Internship Jobs 2017: Here Are The Top Strategies And Websites To Help Secure A Good Spot


Graduating students need to do internship work as part of their graduation requirements. Finding the right internship job can be a challenge though. Students who wish to get the best hands-on-experience should know the top and strategies and websites that hire interns.

Here are the best strategies and websites for students looking for practical experience according to Forbes.

Visiting the school job placement office

Schools have their job placement offices. Visiting the office will give the staff an idea as to the job that one wants. Knowing the people who work there will most like benefit a student. If a job comes up, he might be the first to know about it through the staff.

Attending Career Fairs

Companies send a recruitment team to campuses every year to hire the best students. The activity will help students meet future employers. They can build connections that could come handy to them in the future.

Aside from using the right strategies, students must know which job sites get the most result. Here are the top five websites that students looking for internship must check according to The Huffington Post.

This website offers internship jobs in non-profit organization. Students who want to get updates can sign up. Jobs are usually listed according to their location and even as to the language used.

When it comes to connections to different companies, this website is at the top. Because of its connections, it is the first to know about vacant internship positions in different companies.

Just its name indicates that it can be the best website for students looking for an on-the-job experience. Jobs are listed by major, by location or by company. Students will find it easy to find practicum experience relevant to their field.

Students who use the right strategy and know trusted websites would usually have an easy time in finding the job that they really want.

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