How College Students Benefit From Internship Programs


Colleges and universities provide internship opportunities to graduating students. Internship fairs are held to bring employers to the campus. Students apply to the different employers. Some are interviewed and hires as interns on the spot. Others have to wait for a few days to know the results.

Schools help students get an internship job through the internship fair. They exert effort to do this because they know that internship is important. Students are encouraged to apply. Most interns get paid if they do work that regular employees usually perform. For high school students, there is a possibility of earning credits based on internship, according to ABC News.

This means senior students will be carrying credits to college from their internship. A high school student who was an internship relevant to Information Technology will be give credits. He can use these credits in college..

Aside from the income and the credit, there are other four reasons why students need to work as interns, according to Uloop.

Internship prepares students to the realities of workplaces

Some graduates expect to be given challenging tasks when they start. This is not the case though. New employees sometimes get to do all the repetitive and boring tasks in the office.

Internship exposes a student to diverse people

Internship lets students experience working with a diverse group of people especially in terms of age. They would know how to adjust to co-employees who are older than they are.

Internship Provides Hands-on Experience

Most classrooms provide theories and concepts. Students do not get their hand dirty. Instead, the take down notes, read books or take tests. Internship allows students to do hands-on tasks.

Internship leads to connections

Students meet a lot of people while interns. Those who are excellent workers will most likely get positive feedback from their superiors. They might even recommend these students to their acquaintances. This can make job hunting easy and quick.

Students who gained experience as interns will be more prepared and more knowledgeable when they get regular employment.

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