Top Two Things You Need To Do On Your Resume


Along with recruiting practices, resumes are also evolving. Gone are the days of boring black and white templates. These days, your resume should stand out from the hundreds of applications that hiring managers receive.

The Muse, via USA Today College, shared a resume template that effectively got the attention of hiring managers. There are two things that candidates can follow for their resumes to stand out from the crowd.

1. Figure out the right length

Find the right length for your resume. Make it too short and it would not provide information that the recruiter needs for your application. On the other hand, making it too long may bore the hiring manager with irrelevant information.

In another piece by The Muse, tailoring one's resume should be done for each job position that you are applying for. Read the job description and check which experiences and skills you have are relevant to the role. Make sure that your resume clearly states why you are applying for the role and what you can contribute to the company.

Of course, edits and making cuts are normal. This may also mean that you would need to leave out unrelated jobs that you have had previously.

2. Explain who you are

However, despite making all those cuts and edits, don't leave out your personality. Let the recruiter know who you are aside from being a professional with experiences and skills that can be contributed to the company.

There is an advantage to putting a summary statement or small biography at the top of your resume. Moreover, highlight your interests and skills in a creative way by using icons and pictures. You can also use a star-rating system to show off your skills.

Fresh graduates should also keep their social media presence professional. A complete LinkedIn profile, a typo-free resume and a tailored cover letter are the factors that candidates need to fulfill in order for the company to see you as a good fit. Another thing that recruiters are checking is an applicant's social media profile.

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