Career Tips For Fresh Graduates Before Applying For A Job


Finding a job can be difficult especially for fresh graduates who still do not have relevant work experience. However, it is more important to determine which career path you want to take and plan from there.

According to Joan Graci of Lifehack, new graduates need to get more creative more than ever since a lot of hiring managers and employers are hesitant in hiring those fresh out of college. She advised that fresh graduates should try to get various experiences as much as possible through unpaid internships or volunteer positions.

Asking a mentor in your desired field or industry can be of great help as well. Graci also shared more career tips for fresh graduates.

#1: Be strategic

As much as possible, apply for jobs that will give you a jumpstart on your career. This job should get your foot in the door of your chosen field or industry. It was noted that employers find it an advantage if a candidate has relevant experiences rather than just theories.

#2: Plan further education later

While getting a master's degree may have become some sort of requirement before joining the workforce, Graci advised that fresh graduates should try to gain some work experience first before committing to further education. This is because it would help you figure out what career goals you want to achieve.

#3: Look for mentors

Look for mentors who are experts in your chosen field or industry. Family and friends are not always the best career counselors. Research and look for mentors on LinkedIn, from acquaintances or from your alma mater. These mentors can also help you get your resume out there.

#4: Specialize

Always keep in mind to master the skills that are important for your chosen field and industry. Acquiring in-demand skills and honing them will make your more marketable. Look for the jobs related to your desired field and find out what skills are necessary for your career's success.

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