Rockstar Games Getting Ready For A Big 'GTA 5 Online' March Update; Next DLC Will Not Include Map Expansion


Last year, the "GTA 5 Online" developer Rockstar Games has released a free update that added impressive stunt races. And more recently, Rockstar has added another 15 wild new stunt races and they're reportedly awesome. These new races offer a new gaming experience, adding more loops, bigger jumps, crazier track layouts, and even driving on the side of skyscrapers.

This year, "GTA 5 Online" has received another big boost again as the new stunt races offer a nice mix of motorcycles and cars. It seems that Rockstar Games wants the players to go farther than ever before with these new stunt races. There are now lots of experiences, including bigger jumps and ramps, and some crazy tracks.

This week, Rockstar Games saw again planning for the upcoming Spring and Summer, confirming that the next update would be released this month. The developer is reportedly getting ready now for new content, which will focus more on bringing new missions to the game and also new cars. As mentioned earlier by the UK-based The Express, the next "GTA 5 Online" update will be released in March and will introduce a whole new style of Stunt Races, one that designed specifically for the Rocket Voltic, the Ruiner 2000 and the Blazer Aqua.

Some of the most requested classic GTA 5 vehicles are already being added to the "GTA 5 Online" game. These include the Turismo Classic and the Infernus Classic that made their first appearance on the streets of Liberty City. Latest reports said that those cars are likely to be drip-fed into the game during April and will likely be preceded by the big "GTA 5 Online" update, which has been teased by Rockstar Games last week.

According to Rockstar, the next "GTA 5 Online" update will bring additional missions as part of a Gun Running themed expansion, and It's likely to be similar to both Biker and Warehouse missions. Additionally, new weaponised vehicles are also set for debut, providing "GTA 5 Online" fans the ability to fight in the action-packed illegal arms trade and wage war with the latest weaponry.

As for the update release date, the forthcoming DLC will probably release in the mid-month, sometime in the second week of March or around March 14. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) shared some few important details about the upcoming DLC content with some reference to Rockstar Games' recently teased images on Rockstar official website.

In addition, Ross also stated that the next DLC will not feature any map expansions, but instead, the next update will be focusing on some unexplored areas within the existing gaming world of San Andreas, which comprise of three places namely: Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, and Blaine County.

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