Conan Dev Anounces Big News; Confirms To Hit Xbox First But Will Be Late On PS4 [VIDEO]


Funcom's newly released open world survival game "Conan Exiles" is about to get another big boost this week. The Norwegian game developer Funcom has just announced new patch notes and mods. Funcom made the huge announcement this week.

According to the UK-based online publication The Express, Funcom have been releasing regular patch notes to help Conan players keep up with the changes being introduced on board. And today, Funcom is making another salvo, revealing a huge list of "Conan Exiles" gameplay improvement sand also some important bug fixes.

The game developer also talked about the recent mod changes made, which is a new feature that allows Conan players to create their own content for the new survivable game. Getting the new mod can be easy, it can be found via the "Conan Exiles" Workshop on Steam under the Community Hub. Conan players can also get to the "Conan Exiles" Workshops by starting "Conan Exiles," and then select mods in the main menu tab and then last, choosing the Workshop option.

Additionally, Funcom also released Dev Kit and guide on how to get started with mods. Using Funcom's Unreal Engine 4 Editor along with a Dev Kit, players will now be able to create content almost the exact same way as the "Conan Exiles" developers.

According to Funcom, the Dev Kit will provide player access to basically all the assets of the game, which include the maps, blueprints, meshes and even animations. However, the Unreal Engine 4 Editor requires some little bit of tech knowledge, but Funcom has provided some guides for this and it's easy to use.

Unfortunately, there's one heck of a big problem here, the Dev Kit is heavy to run and may require some huge computing power, according to the game developer. The developer advised players to pick a powerful computer for running this.

In addition to the Dev Kit, Funcom has also released Patch Notes that detailed more about performance and tech fixes, general bugs and enhancements made, balance and gameplay fixes and last visual improvements. The Norwegian developer has also addressed other known Issues, which include issue about crossbow firing inconsistently, shrines not getting a single player mode, issue about Yellow Lotus Potion having no effect and localization, where some items and descriptions have not been translated across all languages.

In other gaming news, the Oslo, Norway-based developer has also shared its roadmap in its recent 2016 financial report, which highlights "Conan Exiles" extremely impressive performance. The upcoming survival game has just sold over 300k copies since its release in the market.

As mentioned earlier by, the developer has already confirmed that "Conan Exiles" will be launched on Xbox One, via the Xbox Preview Program. It will hit the Xbox One console in the third quarter of 2017, between July and September.

Unfortunately, the game will be late for Sony's PS4. Latest reports said it will be out in the third quarter of 2018 alongside a full release for the Xbox One and PC versions. "Conan Exiles" is currently on Xbox Early Access Program and will join Xbox One Game Preview program later this year.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Funcom Oslo AS is a Norwegian video game developer, best known for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game titles. Funcom has also offices in North Carolina, US., and previously in Montreal and Beijing, China.

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