Microsoft Shares New Details About Xbox Project Scorpio, To Get Big Boost From Multiple Game Developers


Xbox Project Scorpio is about to get some boost from multiple developers. Xbox Division Chief Phil Spencer has made some interesting discussion, talking more about the company's newly launched Xbox Game Pass, update about the Xbox Project Scorpio and the upcoming E3 briefing. The interview was made this week at the newest edition of IGN's Unlocked podcast.

According to the UK-based online publication The Express, Xbox Division chief Phil Spencer has discussed lots of Xbox-related topics, including the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio. Spencer also hinted that there could be some few big surprises in the upcoming Xbox E3 briefing this coming June.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is said to have a set list of games to play when it is launched later in 2017, but the upcoming console won't have a traditional launch lineup that Xbox fans are used to. This time, it would be different. Xbox fans will get the full details of the story at Xbox E3 Briefing this coming June.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Generación Xbox, Juan Carlos Gonzales, Xbox Spain's PR and Social Manager, announced that there would be 'several' launch titles for Xbox Project Scorpio that will take advantage of its industry-leading hardware.

However, the Xbox Spain chief didn't share exact details on what these games are or even if they were true first part titles. But if recent Xbox history is any indication, it would be a significant help if they were. González continued:

It seems at this point that the Redmond-based software company is readying now for the big reveal this coming June, with the big E3 2017 event being the likely target date. Speaking of the E3 2017, Spencer also discussed during the podcast the reason behind the date movement in the E3 event. The company has recently announced that their E3 2017 Press Conference would be held on June 11, moving from Sunday to Monday.

According to Phil Spencer, the date shift was done to help Microsoft's news have more room to breathe and to allows better preparations. Spencer also teased a pre-E3 reveal, but no plans are solidified as of yet.
As for the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio, Spencer said during the IGN podcast that the next console will have a premium look, though it still appears familiar in the Xbox family of game consoles but with major improvements.

Also in the recent conversation, the much-awaited pricing details about Xbox Project Scorpio also came up, however, Spencer did not provide not much information about this matter, saying only that Xbox fans can expect a premium price for a premium kind of product.

In addition to the pricing details, Spencer also clarified that Microsoft has no plans to release a dedicated handheld gaming device for Xbox system. Also during the podcast, Spencer made some good discussion about why Microsoft didn't make a deal with Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy regarding a new game. Spencer also revealed the release date for Voodoo Vince, which will be announced sometime next week.

Xbox Project Scorpio is set for launch in late-2017. The Microsoft's next-generation game console will feature extreme computing horsepower and major hardware upgrades, which include 4K gameplay and support for virtual reality technology.

Check Out Xbox Chief Phil Spencer At IGN:

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