Microsoft Shares New Exciting Details About Xbox One, But Gave No Further Details About Recent Xbox Live Issues


Microsoft Xbox Division chief Phil Spencer this week shared new details on Microsoft's recently announced Xbox Game Pass. In a recent episode of Major Nelson's podcast, Spencer talked and discussed lots Xbox-related topics, including the newly added Xbox Creator Live Program. But Microsoft made no further comment about the recent Xbox Live issue.

Spencer Talks And Shares New Details About Xbox

In the latest episode of Larry Major Nelson Hryb's podcast, Spencer shares the new details about Xbox One, saying that Xbox Game Pass has been in the works for "quite a while." Spencer said that Xbox Game Pass have been in the works for two or three years.

The works on Xbox Game Pass takes so long because Microsoft needs to make sure that everything worked out, while at the same time, the Redmond-based software company also had to work with third party game publishers. It's a hugely daunting task for the software company.

As mentioned earlier by GameSpot, Spencer also talked more about the Game Pass' $10/month pricing, stating that the latest pricing is just fair and that its give users access to a catalog of 100 games. The website also added that some of those games could drop out of the library, based on what third-party publishers want, but Spencer quickly slammed this reports and claimed that Xbox players can subscribe with ease and confidence.

Spencer also talked about plans to bring the Game Pass to more platforms, like Windows and other gaming platforms where Microsoft ships games. Spencer also discussed the recently-announced head mounted displays that will be supported on Windows. Additionally, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality have also been mentioned by the Xbox Division chief.

In addition to the Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox chief also discussed the newly launched Xbox initiative, Xbox Live Creators Program, where he explained some important key details about the new initiative. The Xbox chief feels that new Xbox initiative will lead to more gaming creativity.

Xbox Live Hits Trouble But Microsoft Made No Further Comment About The Story

In other Xbox-related news, Xbox Live has recently experienced some technical problems that affected Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other gaming devices this afternoon. Xbox Live has been reportedly down for some Xbox users, who has experienced a new 0x87dd0006 sign in error, according to The Express.

Based on the Xbox Live Status page, the said issue impacts users' ability to buy downloadable items and more seriously, the ability to sign in to Xbox Live. Other affected core services included creating, managing and even recovering an Xbox Live account.

The Xbox Support Twitter also shared a similar announcement but didn't provide further details about the story or when the service will be restored. Instead, the company announced that its engineers and developers are working hard to resolve the technical issues that have brought serious problems to Xbox Live users, according to the Xbox Support Twitter.

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