College Life: How Students Can Overcome Procrastination Now


Procrastination affects everyone. Both working adults and students can easily fall into this trap because the short-term benefits are so enticing.

However, too much procrastinating can set students back from their goals. Their studies and professional aspirations can take a hit if they do not overcome this problem.

Fortunately, students can easily overcome procrastination if they truly want to. University of California - Berkeley's Student Learning Center shared techniques on how to manage procrastination.


t may seem overwhelming with all the projects and coursework that students need to complete. That's why it's important to take a step back and make time to arrange your tasks in terms of urgency or importance.

Take it one by one

Break down a large project, into small tasks. This way, you won't feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do but instead focus on one task at a time.

Plan it out

Create a schedule that works for you. Again, you will need to sit down for this and plan out the times that you can spend on studying as well as the time you can spend on relaxing. According to Entrepreneur, one of the best ways to become a master of your own time is to carry a schedule.

Be practical

Know your strengths and weaknesses. You also need to check whether you can accomplish the tasks that you have set on time or whether you need to delegate it, if you can, to someone else.

Love yourself

Stop beating yourself up for not being able to complete one massive project in a day. Again, chop it down to smaller chunks and reward yourself after you are able to finish it. This can help prevent burnout.

Just start

One of the best things to do to overcome procrastination is to just start working on what you have to do. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to do something and gain momentum over time.

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