College Students Should Break These Bad Health Habits For 2017 - Part 2


The New Year is a good time for a fresh start. Leave the disappointments of 2016 and move forward with the intent of becoming a better you.

USA Today College shared bad health habits that young people should break as early as they can. Check out the first part here.

Not Enough Water

Water is underrated. There has been a lot of emphasis on keeping your body hydrated. Water is the best no-calorie way to improve one's health by increasing energy and relieving fatigue. WebMD reported that water also helps energize muscles. Without e`nough fluids, the performance of muscles suffers.

Wrong Diet and Diet-Shaming

Dieting is not the same as not eating. Diet is actually what you eat. That's why it's important to have a balanced diet. Moreover, don't diet-shame someone if you have a different idea of how dieting should be. Instead, help each other out and support them for trying to become the best that they can be.

Being Misinformed

Know your food. You should acquaint yourself with the ingredients found in food labels. Learn what ingredients you should take more of and which ones you should avoid. It's also good to know where food comes from. Know how fruits and vegetables are planted and how some of your favorite foods are made.

Skipping Meals

It may seem as if the most skipped meal is breakfast. Yes, you may be running late but don't sacrifice your health for it. According to Live Science, skipping breakfast can lead to an increase in the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Eating breakfast has also been noted to help improve cognitive function.

Lunch Outs

It's better to pack your own lunch instead of buying from stores in the campus. Preparing your meal beforehand can help you control the calories and can help you know what your food actually contains.

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