College Life: How Students Can Overcome Procrastination Now

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST Tips on how college students can overcome procrastination.

Ways To Be Productive When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Here's how you can get things done even when you don't feel like doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Procrastination Roots: Why Willpower is Sometimes Just Not Enough

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Research shows that our fickle habit is rooted somewhere we never would have thought.

UCLA Research Reveals The Biggest Misconception About Procrastination

Nov 27, 2016 AM EST Lack of willpower and poor time management are not the real reasons why people procrastinate. Rather, it is a result of 'misregulated' emotions.

Quit Putting Things Off, End the Procrastination Doom Loop

Nov 22, 2016 AM EST It's a vicious cycle of evading and avoiding everything you should be doing. Enough, get it over and done with.

Wharton Professor May Finally Have The Cure For Procrastination

Sep 28, 2016 AM EDT Don't read this later -- read this now.

People Opt For Difficult Task First Just to Strike it Off Their to-do List, Study

May 23, 2014 AM EDT Postponing a difficult task - "procrastination" - might be a common phenomenon, but a latest Pennsylvania State University study has found that hurrying to finish an assignment - "pre-crastination" - ...

Procrastination is Hereditary, Study

Apr 08, 2014 AM EDT A latest University of Colorado study has found that parents are to blame for postponement of tasks. Researchers said that procrastination is in the genes.

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