The Best Study Habits College Students Should Develop


It's no secret that college can be challenging. Freshmen students go through a lot of changes which can be overwhelming sometimes.

One thing that students can do to make sure that they stay on top of their studies in college is to develop good study habits. In its blog, East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University shared the things that students can do to be more disciplined.

Take notes

It's important to be able to write key terms and your ideas quickly and effectively. According to Lifehacker, notes should be organized and kept simple by sticking to keywords and short sentences.

Make a plan

Create a study plan by marking out the times that you can study. It's also good to find a location that is quiet and peaceful.

Stay focused

Remove lifestyle distractions during your study times by keeping your phone in silent mode and only browsing websites related to your research.

Organize your study materials

Filing your notes and documents into separate folders instead of inside one bulky binder. Color-coding can also help keep your materials organized.

Rest well

College students should make sure to get enough rest to recharge their brains and bodies. Everyday Health reported that sleep deprivation would cause memory issues, physical issues and sleeping disorders.

Find a study partner or group

Being accountable about your studies to your study partner or group can help motivate you do to good on your studies.


This is also a good way to keep your brain alert. It also releases endorphins that can fight the college blues to reduce stress and depression, which is one of the most common diseases that affect college students.

Eat well

The combination of getting a good night's sleep every night and exercising every day accompanied with eating the right foods can help college students achieve their academic goals more easily.

Be open

Ask your university or college about resources and support that can help you study. Moreover, if you are having a difficult time with a class, ask your professor or your classmates for help.

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