College Students Turning To GoFundMe To Pay For Education


Some students have this much desire to go to college but are not able to pay for it, and this is when they begin to get creative. At present, more and more students are turning to crownfunding to ask others for help.

Crownfunding, according to Evo News is a popular method that is currently being used by a growing number of artists and entrepreneurs to gather funds for their projects. And now, more and more students are doing the same and utilizing the website in order to pay for college.

GoFundMe was launched in 2010 and a new report released by the site shows that within the last three years since it launched, it has already raised $60 million donations with 100,000 campaigns, according to Business Insider. The focus of the campaigns are the books, housing deposits, airfare for those who are studying abroad.

Rob Solomon, the CEO of the company, said that the reports only imply one thing - and that is the fact that college students are having more challenges and difficulties in paying for the expenses of their education as the tuition and fees continue to increase. But he also said that the misconception about financial aids and scholarships is that they cover everything already, when they actually don't. The extra costs in college are still being shouldered by the students.

Most of the GoFundMe campaigns are intended for the healthcare expenses and costs for disaster relief, funeral and memorial services but since a growing number of students are in need of financial aid for their college costs, education is becoming one of the most popular categories of the site.

Most of the donations are coming from family and friends, but there are also times when the campaigns are getting picked by the news media then it goes viral, Solomon says.

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