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Cuomo’s ‘Free Tuition College’: New York Republican Suggests An Alternative


Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York intends to make tuition for college free but according to the republicans, there is actually a better alternation to make college affordable, especially for the low-income students.

The members of the Republican State Assembly have expressed their disagreement with the governor's "tuition free" college plan as it does not cover the students from private colleges and universities, CNN Money reported.

On Monday, the Republican state lawmakers have instead laid out an alternative plan which is to make college free for low-income students at any accredited college in New York instead of making tuition free at the State University of New York (SUNY) and City University (CUNY) schools, according to The Daily Gazette.

They said that tuition should be made free for families who are making $125,000 or less, expanding the existing program that supports not only the students from public schools, but also the ones in private schools who are from low income families.

This program, also known as TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) is currently awarded to students with $500 to $5,165, depending on their financial needs. The Republican proposal supported by Assemblyman Peter Lopez, R-Schoharie, and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh, R-Ballston, among others, include an increase on the income threshold from 80,000 to $125,000 for the state's existing tuition-assistance program, which is just the same for Cuomo's plan which will make the tuition fee for families who earn less than that amount.

According to the lawmakers, their proposal would most likely going to cost the same as what Cuomo's plan is expected to cost - which is around $164 million - but it will be able to help more students and families. Cuomo's plan only focuses on the students from state colleges and universities, while the Republican's plan make the funding available to low-income students at private New York institutions.

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