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DeVos’ Fight Against Education Establishment In College Campuses


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told conservative activists Thursday that "education establishment" should be fought against, not only in K-12 schools, but also in college campuses because it prevents students from gaining access to quality schools.

During a brief on-stage interview, DeVos said that what is threatening is not voting for Trump, but is silencing the First Amendment rights of people with whom you disagree, The Detroit News reported. She gave the college students some tips on the things they should do when their voices are silenced. She urged these students to keep on talking, instead of shutting up, and keep on making arguments. She said that these things can be done while maintaining civility and respect, but must be done with confidence.

DeVos spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference and she referred to the education establishment as something that blocks the students from reforms and fixes for a generation. She said that this is an American issue and that this country needs education for every single child, and that we have a chance to make school choice a possibility, a reality for millions of American families, according to Education Week.

There is no concrete plan yet as of the moment as to how Trump and DeVos will be carrying out their vision on school choice. DeVos continues to urge college students to stand up for their rights in their respective campus. She said that the faculty, the professors and deals, should not tell students, what to do, what to say and what to think.

DeVos was one of Trump's controversial choices for a cabinet. Vice President Mike Pence had to make a tie-breaking vote in the Senate during her confirmation. Critics mocked her and her ability to handle the role, but she still has plenty of supporters at CPAC.

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