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Colleges And Universities Across America Resist Trump’s Deportation Orders


President Donald Trump has given directions to the administration to be tougher in enforcing the country's immigration laws and unleash the government's full force to arrest and deport those who are in the country illegally, whether or not they have committed serious crimes. This has led a California University to issue an advice to protect the undocumented immigrant students.

The students at California State University have been encouraged to reach out to the university police if immigration officials approach them, BBC reported. Even other universities are taking measure and putting in a lot of efforts in attempting to resist student deportations. Some colleges and universities are even calling themselves as "sanctuary campus" for the undocumented students.

Trump has recently announced more aggressive enforcement of the immigration rules, according to The New York Times, and that means new policies are in place to speed up deportations of unauthorized immigrants.

With the previous administration of Former President Barrack Obama, he only focused on deporting immigrants who have committed serious crimes and those who pose a threat to the national security.

This week, Trump released a memo that widens the scope of his plans on the immigrants including publicizing the crimes committed by the undocumented immigrants, stripping them of their privacy protections, establish new detention facilities and ultimately, expedite the deportation process. Some supporters claim that when this law is enforced, it will prevent further illegal immigration because the numbers are too high and are already a threat to the security.

CSU Chancellor Timothy White said on Wednesday that the university will continue to do what it takes to provide a safe, and welcoming campus environment to all students, even those who lack immigration documentation. Meanwhile, Florida State University also voted to request their university declare itself as "sanctuary campus".

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