Job Search Made Easy: Grow Your Social Media Presence To Help You Get The Job


When talking about social media, nobody wants to get left behind. Everybody wants to be in action, it is something that everyone wants to be part of. Being active on social media is not only important for the sake of connecting with friends and socializing; it can also give a boost to your professional career in the future.

Having a great social media presence can help you establish your image and character. And this is very important when you try to look for jobs in the future, because even hiring managers now turn to the internet to find out more information about their applicants.

While you are in college, now is the best time to make some changes and grow your social media presence for your prospective employers. Here's how you can start.

Complete the details of your social media profile

According to The Muse, your profiles may not be as effective as they can be if the information are not complete. These social media platforms provide opportunities for hiring managers to see your personality, accomplishments, achievements, which are all important considerations when they hire you.

Include the links to your work samples or portfolio

Since your goal is to establish professional credibility, it will not be enough to just indicate your job duties in your profiles, and it will be better if you provide links to the samples of your work. LinkedIn has this feature that allows users to attach work samples to their profiles. This way, you can very well demonstrate your capabilities and accomplishments.

Do damage control

According to Fast Company, you should try to search for yourself in Google and see what comes up. Try to check if there are any inappropriate photos and posts that you should be removing. If there are posts that you cannot be removed anymore, redeem yourself with something that is more positive to balance the negativity.

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