University of Connecticut Partners In Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit


University of Connecticut and other institutions are emphasizing that there are dinosaurs in everyone's backyards. And this is particularly true in the state. Through the latest exhibit at the Children's Museum in West Hartford, the theme "Dinosaurs in Your Backyard: A Portal To Past Worlds" was launched.

The premiere of the dinosaur exhibit happened on Feb. 18, 2017. The exhibit is open to the public. It is the first phase of the evolving dinosaur exhibit with contributions coming from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, the Department of Environmental Earth Science, Eastern Connecticut State University, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Dinosaur State Park, The Center for Integrative Geoscience and The Discovery Museums of Acton.

Aside from exhibiting dinosaur pieces, there are also hands on activities which creates an interactive environment, as reported by West Hartford. The exhibit does not just feature bones. It also features feathers and quills. Which is a different look into their form and function.

Paul Orselli, the designer for the exhibit says that the exhibit shows the best of what Connecticut may have been, millions of years ago. The specimens showcased could have roamed anywhere in the state between 200 and 220 million years ago.

It is described to be a portal to past worlds, as reported by Courant Community. The museum invites both young children and adults to view the footprints, fossils, 3D dinosaur models and a dinosaur game show. Guests can learn about what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur and what they may have actually looked like, in comparison to what most people see in the movies.

"Dinosaurs in Your Backyard: A Portal To Past Worlds" is created and funded by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and Connecticut Health, and Educational Facilities authority.

Interested to learn more about University of Connecticut? Check this UConn clip below:

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