Penn State’s Dance THON Not Canceled After Taking Home $10M Fundraising With Joe Jonas For Pediatric Cancer

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Penn State's THON made a huge leap this year. Last year, the dance marathon fund raising event was not able to raise a huge amount. And the whole program was reportedly going to have its last run this year. However, this year's 2017 Panhellenic Dance Marathon took home a total of $10,045,478.44.

The $10 million is going to the benefit of pediatric cancer patients. Students from Pennsylvania State University stayed up and danced all night in order to raise funds for further studies and cure. Because of this year's success, the program may move forward next year.

This year's Penn State IFC theme is "Igniting Hope Within," as reported by THONward State. Over 16,500 student volunteers joined in the event while over 700 participants danced for 46 consecutive hours. This is considered to be the world's largest student-run philanthropic event. Even four Penn State athletes joined the 46 hour activity at the Bryce Jordan Center since 4:00 p.m. Friday.

"Igniting Hope Within" certainly ignites hope with the For The Kids foundation. This activity is made to raise awareness and support for For The Kids that there is a brighter future and there is hope. Aside from the marathon dancing, there is also a Pep Rally, a Line Dance and a surprise performance with Joe Jonas and his band DNCE.

The event did not go unnoticed. "Good Morning America" picked up the event on its radar and featured Penn State's THON on Sunday morning as the 46 hour event is hitting its last few stages. Joe Jonas says that the event is special because it is to create awareness and funding for a great cause.

On "Good Morning America," GMA helped promote the event by showing it on screen during Sunday morning and spreading awareness of the Penn State THON to its millions of viewers, as reported by ABC News.

And for these Penn State volunteers and participants, since cancer does not sleep, they are not going to rest either, for the benefit of these kids.

Missed the THON this weekend? Check out the Penn State football Pep Rally dance for a sneak peek:

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