‘Ultra Street Fighter 2’: First-person Game Set For Release On Nintendo Switch Features ‘Way Of The Hado’


With the impending release of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, lists of game titles that will be released with the hybrid gaming console have been popping everywhere. One such title making an exclusive appearance on the Switch is "Ultra Street Fighter 2" with a "Way of the Hado" mode.

"Ultra Street Fighter 2" is a traditional 2D fighting game from Capcom, the iteration for the Nintendo Switch, however, feature a first-person mode that uses the Switch's detachable Joy-Cons to play the game, allowing for Hadoukens and more.

Demonstrating the new game mode feature of "Ultra Street Fighter 2" called "Way of the Hado" via live stream, a Capcom developer used the two Joy-Cons and began to do motions that made his game character throw fireballs, Hadoukens and Dragon Punches, VG24/7 reported.

Moving the Joy-Cons side-to-side, executes a hurricane kick and doing an uppercut motion makes it possible to execute a Shoryuken. The game mode's objective is to keep knocking Shadaloo thugs for as long as possible to build up a high score. Points are awarded based on clear times and combos used, according to Gamespot.

However, based on the video below, it does not perform well and with a noticeable amount of lag to it. The player in the video was shown performing motions but not getting the desired move, half of the time. It is hoped that these can be refined before release.

"Way of the Hado" seems very similar to bonus modes one finds in Wii games in general. Although "Ultra Street Fighter II" is played in 2D, "Way of the Hado" is 3D and Nintendo rehashed assets from Street Fighter IV.

Those not too keen on playing "Way of the Hado" can just opt to skip the mode. "Ultra Street Fighter II" still has a lot to offer. There are 1,400 carefully selected illustrations from "SF20: The Art of Street Fighter" in high-resolution at 250dpi.

There also a color edit mode in "Ultra Street Fighter II," which allows players to edit character colors using the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen and store up to 10 of them for use in the arcade, versus and online battles.

"Ultra Street Fighter II" will be released for the Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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