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Feb 18, 2017 05:22 AM EST

‘Bleach’ Console Game Reportedly In Development, ‘Bleach’ Mobile Version Confirmed Along With ‘One Punch Man’


Tite Kubo's "Bleach" anime still have a strong following even after the Japanese anime ended years ago. However, fans are quick to point out that the franchise was not given a fair chance in the gaming market.

Just recently, the CEO of CyberConnect2 posted a sketch image of Ichigo Kurosaki, main man of "Bleach," on Twitter. According to Comicbook, the sketch did not refer to any impending game title. However, fans apparently got suspicious when the post was immediately pulled down, but not before someone took a screenshot of it.

Fans deduced that something might be in the works that involved "Bleach" since CyberConnect2 is known as the developer of many "Naruto" games. The company's most recent offering was the successful "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4."

CyberConnect2 was also responsible for developing "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" and also made games for .hack//Sign. Additionally, the company is reportedly currently working on a remake of "Final Fantasy VII."

Elated fans discussed the bizarre Twitter post; however, questions were asked when it was abruptly deleted. According to Reddit, a fan roughly translated the Japanese text saying the CEO saw one of CyberConnect2's female employees drawing Ichigo Kurosaki of "Bleach." It was not particularly special; however, the immediate Tweet deletion became highly suspect.

With CyberConnect2 being a video game developer, fans speculated and deduced by deriving a conclusion. YouTuber Jaymes Hanson made a video about the Tweet and discussed the subject at length. The video is posted below.

Meanwhile, there was a confirmed announcement last month of a "Bleach" mobile game in the works. Reportedly, a Chinese tech company known as Ourpalm has decided to distribute a new mobile game based on "Bleach."

According to reports, the company only plans to debut and market "Bleach" mobile app in China, however, Ourpalm was known to have marketed popular titles to English and Japanese audiences in the past. According to Comicbook, the title is already about a year out.

Additional reports indicate that Ourpalm is working on several anime-inspired mobile games. Apparently, the company is in coordination with Glee, and is bound to produce a game based on the popular anime "One Punch Man." Said app will be available to Japanese and Chinese markets, but fans have already started a petition for the game to be brought to the U.S.

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