iPhone 8 Production Reportedly Starting Sooner Than Scheduled; New Definitive Leaks May Follow Soon [VIDEO]

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iPhone supply chain sources have reported that Apple is asking that trials, orders, and productions must start earlier than scheduled. New shipments may reveal more definitive leaks of what the latest iteration of Apple is going to showcase other than what has been revealed like the iris scanner, wireless charging, and OLED display.

Apple is gearing up for the big reveal of its latest and most innovative flagship, the iPhone 8. The tenth-Anniversary iPhone is set to have big hardware changes and major software updates to compete against equally innovative competitors. The Cupertino giant is also set to recapture the interest of consumers who have grown tired of the minute changes that Apple has made for the previous iPhone generations.

iPhone fans may have more reasons to look forward to as Apple will start production soon. A report from DigiTimes reveals what sources connected with Apple's suppliers have discovered. They say that the Cupertino giant is moving the timetable "earlier than usual."

Suppliers have been asked to start delivery for production in the first quarter of this year, which is earlier than previously scheduled according to industry sources. Apple has also asked for early trial production, inspection and preparation of inventories with delivery to commence by the second quarter.

Taiwan-based suppliers are also being asked to start working with OLED panel bonding before the first quarter ends. Orders of OLED panels have already been placed to Samsung Display. Moreover, Apple is also imposing stricter policies on inspection requirements on related chips, modules, components and mechanical parts as revealed by sources at the Analog IC vendors.

The sooner the shipments come, the more definitive leaks will soon appear to know what Apple has in store for its latest iPhone. The latest report about the newest flagship is that it will feature an Iris Scanner, that was already used by Samsung and Microsoft but a first for the iPhone.

Apple's flagship device will also have the wireless charging technology that is all the hype in the latest smartphones. It will also have an OLED display that could push the iPhone price up to more than $1,000, CNet reported.

More details may soon come in the coming weeks before the big unveiling in September. In the meantime, check out the stunning renders of Handy Abovergliech in the video below.

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