How the 'Day without Immigrants' Impact Colleges And Universities


A nationwide protest by immigrants across the country come as a response to President Donald Trump's actions on the travel ban, which restricts entrance of citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

In a number of cities, in the United States, people are coming not only to boycott work, even students from grade school to colleges are skipping their classes in order to honor the #ADayWithoutImmigrants movement.

Immigrants and many other US citizens from Los Angeles to New York took part in the demonstration in order to highlight their importance to the national economy and way of life, Daily Mail reported. The strike was spurred by a social media campaign calling all immigrants to skip work to avoid spending money. It also urged them not to send their children to school.

Leandra Gonzalez, a teacher at Paul Public Charter School in the District, posted a picture of her empty English class last Thursday and said that the new presidency prompted fear among her students, and the students' parents even asked if they could participate in the strike, according to The Washington Post.

Some students are also posting on social media that some professors are cancelling classes. Even the ones who were unable to participate are showing their solidarity and support through tweets and posts. The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts is removing all artwork contributed by the immigrants from their collection on February 21. In New Mexico, where the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation live, school officials have been concerned about the absence of hundreds of their students from class.

Some school officials and principals have also warned that students who will be participating in the movement will be receiving an unexcused absence as they said that students need to be in class to benefit from the education they are guaranteed.

The boycott aims to show how much immigrants meant to the businesses and US society as a whole.

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