Course On Cyber Safety Offered In York College's Graham School of Business


Internet safety has never been more important now that there are so many reports about the increase in identity theft and problems all related to internet safety. These trends have been blamed on the increase use of technology, particularly mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. According to Online College, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 83 percent of all adults in the United States own a cellphone of some type.

This is the reason why James Norrie, dean of York College's Graham School of Business thought of creating a cybersecurity management major for the college. According to York Dispatch, Norrie had a background in cybersecurity and this is the class that he usually teaches in the classroom. And while there are already existing courses related to cybersecurity that are being taught in college, he thought making it a major would be easy.

Norrie said that the major is an important field globally because there is an increasing demand for people who have a background in cybersecurity management. The students who will be enrolling in the cybersecurity major will be receiving an interdisciplinary education and will be taking varied subjects, according to Norrie. The major will require classes in technology but will also have classes in sciences like criminology, sociology, psychology, intelligence analysis and law.

Norrie said that cybersecurity is no longer something that is being considered as a technology problem unlike what most people have been led to believe. He said that technology is only one-third of what is studied.

Cybersecurity issues are very important issues that need to be addressed because they can make that much impact to any organization or business, and it can compromise personal information of customers to large retailers.

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