A Website That Provides Job-Hunting Solutions For College Students


Many college students look at graduation as if it were a finish line. It looks like it is very far at the beginning, but after a couple of years, the finish line approaches and it feels like most are not ready to cross it. Why? For one many college students do not know what awaits them, and they also have this fear of uncertainty when it comes to finding a job and launching a career.

But there is no need to worry anymore because a new website is finally here to help college graduates find their perfect job. On February 7, TransparentCareer launched a national website that designed to help students do a comparison with their types of jobs and salaries with the alumni from their own college or university, Alligator reported.

Currently, there are already a total of more than 2,000 universities who are using the platform to create public profiles and sort companies and positions based on both work hours and salaries. One of the highlights of the site, according to TransparentCareer itself is that it was built with personalization in mind because every single data point can be customized.

Marvinac, the chief operating officer and cofounder of the website, said that the goal is to have someone to sign in to the website and look at their options based on their field of concentration, which they can also filter based on the salary and position.

In March, the website will be launching another feature that will allow recruiters get in touch with the students directly through the site. Marvinac added that it will work just like, only that it is intended for job hunting. The good thing about it is that students get to see recommendations about the companies that suit their preferences and skills.

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