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Betsy DeVos’ Confirmation As Education Secretary Draws Fears From College Students


The confirmation of Betsy DeVos for the role of Education Secretary has drawn controversy as critics question her ability to handle the post for her lack of experience when it comes to public school systems, as well as her refusal to confirm that she would uphold Title IX.

It was a historic event when DeVos was confirmed, as vice-president, Mike Pence had to cast a tie-breaking vote last week in the Senate, according to The Guardian. Since then, many activists and educators from colleges and universities began to feel worried about how it is going to be under Trump's administration with DeVos as a part of it.

Campus Ambassadors have shared to MTV News the situation of campus sexual assault activism in their respective schools, the things that need to be addressed and the things that concern them the most about DeVos.

Taylor Vidmar, Richland Community College

Vidmar has been in public schools during her entire education and is currently attending a public college. Her concern is that DeVos does not have experience with public education in any way, and has opposed public education and that is indeed concerning because 90 percent of students attend public schools.

Another concern she has is her failure to commit in upholding Title IX and her inability to stand up for the victims of campus sexual assault. Many colleges and universities fail to do investigation rape accusations in their campus because of their need and desire to protect their image.

Emily Tantuccio, Rutgers University

Tantuccio took a class at Rutgers called "Special Topics: Sexual Communication which covered everything about LGBTQ relationships and was awakened by the realities of the events about rape culture, sexual health etc. Tantuccio said she knows how it feels like to be part of a community that does not do much in order to address these issues and that even if DeVos will try to hide or deny it, campus sexual assault is a pressing matter that will just get worse if not acknowledged and addressed.

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