Evergreen College to Host Anti-Bias Workshops Targeting Toddlers


Evergreen College will soon be hosting a workshop for parents and families who are interested to learn about anti-bias education intended for children ages 3-6.  The event, which is going to be held on February 17, is entitled "A is for Anti-Bias and will include talking points and discussion on books, strategies and resources that parents can use at home to provide anti-bias education for their kids, specifically for their toddlers, according to National Review.

The description for the event states that the workshop will be including a short presentation, hand outs and small group discussions that will encourage folks to talk and share, Campus Reform reported.

An organization that specializes in anti-bias education, "Teaching for Change", said that the unique field is the one that takes an approach to early childhood education which sets forth principles that are based on values, as well as methodologies and strategies supporting, respecting and embracing differences between humans and making a step to act against bias and unfairness. The teaching here requires critical thinking and problem solving skills by both the children and adults.

Ultimately, the purpose of the workshop is to be able to help toddlers from learning racism and developing bias before it is too late, because it is a lot easier and better to be able to manage these tendencies and behavior early on rather than address it when it has already become a problem.

Children's Center is the one that is going to sponsor the workshop. They are the one that provides early child care and education for infants through age 6. The funds that finance the center come from the tuition paid for by the parents, subsidies from student activity fees, government grants and some support from colleges.

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