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Education Department Criticized by Social Media For Misspelled Tweets


The Education Department has been getting criticisms in the social media after the name of a prominent African-American sociologist was misspelled. On Sunday morning, the department posted a tweet using its official account which attributed a quotation to "W.E.B. DeBois," incorrectly spelling the last name with an "E.

The mistake has drawn attention and numerous responses criticizing the department's misspelling of the last name of the said sociologist which should have been correctly spelled as "DUBOIS", Chicago Sun Times reported.

It was midday when the department posted a new tweet which corrected the spelling of the said last name and accompanied it with an apology. They indicated that they post was updated and apologized for the earlier typographical error. It drew more fresh responses as they mistakenly typed "apologizes" instead of "apologies", according to Star Tribune.

One commenter posted a tweet, mocking the initial apology for a typo which has included another typo. They also mentioned that they do not need further proof that DeVos was the one running the account - referring to Betsy DeVos, the wealthy GOP donor who was just recently confirmed as the new Education Secretary after Mike Pence casted a tie-breaking vote.

A spokesperson of the Education Department said Sunday that the mistakes committed last Sunday were made a by a long time employee. He also said that new processes will be put in place to make sure tweets are thoroughly reviewed and future tweet errors will be avoided.

This is may just be a little typo error but the criticism it has drawn may not just refer to the misspelled tweet, but the fact that DeVos is now the new Education Secretary. From the very beginning, critics have questioned her ability to lead the department because of many reasons - one is her lack of experience with public education compared to other nominees.

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