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‘Avengers: Infinity War:’ Thanos, The Collector Encounter Confirmed; Superheroes Put To The Sidelines


Marvel is oft criticized for introducing villains whom some fans describe as lame and unappealing. The studio is highly aware of these complaints and they are making sure that the main antagonist of "Avengers: Infinity War," Thanos, will not be the same.

Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin, was first teased in 2012's "The Avengers." His main purpose is to gather all the Infinity Stones into the Infinity Gauntlet and be the most powerful entity in the galaxy. Of course, Earth's heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy will stop at nothing to thwart his malevolent plans.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently said that Thanos is "the main character" in "Avengers: Infinity War," which is interesting given how big the movie's scope is in terms of the superheroes involved in it. Feige acknowledged that Thanos' huge involvement is "a bit of a departure from what we've done before" but he thinks that it's "appropriate," Collider reported.

Admittedly, Thanos' quest to gather the Infinity Stone has failed spectacularly. As of late, the big baddie does not possess any of the Stones despite his attempts to acquire them by using other villains as pawns. It is possible that the upcoming "Avengers" movie will showcase him getting the Stones one-by-one by himself and encountering different superheroes while doing so.

The superhero flick (helmed by Anthony and Joe Russo) will showcase The Avengers working side-by-side with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Dinklage is rumored to play a still unspecified role, though IGN speculated that he could be portraying Pip the Troll, Modok, The Watcher, Starfox or Mephisto.

The appearance of Benicio Del Toro's The Collector was recently confirmed, too. Del Toro's involvement was revealed by Brolin via a live stream on Instagram (the post has been deleted, though), saying that he will film scenes with Del Toro, Heroic Hollywood reported.

The Collector possesses the Reality Stone a.k.a. the Aether after the Asgardians gave it to him for safekeeping in "Thor: The Dark World." It's safe to assume that this meeting between Thanos and The Collector involves the Stone, with the former forcing the latter to hand it to him.

"Avengers: Infinity War" is currently filming in Atlanta for a May 4, 2018 release date in theaters. Production will also be held in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands in Scotland. According to The Telegraph, filming in the country begins on Feb. 28 and ends after six months.

A teaser video from the set featuring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt and Tom Holland was unveiled last week. A concept art for Thanos was also revealed.

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