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‘Arrow’ Season 5, Episode 13 Spoilers: Susan May Be Prometheus; Olicity’s Romantic Future Teased


Prometheus is the big baddie on "Arrow" Season 5. As of late, viewers are still clueless about the villain's real identity, though theories are already laid out online. A new character has entered the speculation mix -- and that's the reporter Susan (Carly Pope), Oliver's (Stephen Amell) girlfriend.

Susan discovered that Oliver and the Green Arrow are one and the same in last week's episode titled "Bratva." This secret isn't surprising anymore, and revealing this to the public now will likely boost Oliver's reputation instead of tarnishing it.

Susan, however, also found out that Oliver is highly connected to the Bratva, a powerful Russian Mafia organization, and that information could damage Oliver's reputation in Star City. There's another catch, though; it's possible that this will resonate with the public less if Susan chooses to keep it to herself for long, according to BuddyTV.

How Susan keeps this secret is shady. Not disclosing it to the public veers away from her professional responsibility, and it hints that she is involved with Prometheus in some way or another. There's also the possibility that she's actually Prometheus.

Susan being Prometheus isn't shocking, given how "Arrow" unmasks formerly secret villains who turn out to be people close to Oliver. Being Prometheus may also compensate for how the show Susan is boringly depicted in the series. Perhaps it was all just a ploy to lure viewers into a false sense of security.

David Ramsey, who portrays John Diggle, recently dished about what he thinks about Olicity -- Oliver and Felicity's (Emily Bett Rickards) romantic pairing. Right now, Diggle is married and has a child with Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson).

Ramsey said that Diggle and Michaels' relationship have evolved over time, reported. He said that the duo's current status is "Felicity and Oliver in five years," meaning he sees Olicity in a more stable relationship, and probably married, in the future. Basically, they're endgame in fandom speak.

"Arrow" Season 5 will air its 13th episode titled "Spectre of the Gun" on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Flashbacks will reveal Wild Dog's (Rick Gonzalez) painful roots, specifically how he became a hero from being a simple family man named Rene. These painful memories will be triggered by a distressing attack on City Hall, SpoilerTV reported.

Oliver, meanwhile, will get to the bottom of the attack and try to discover the perpetrator's identity. He realizes that this job suits Mayor Queen best than the Green Arrow, while tension is overflowing at the Arrow bunker.

Do you believe that Susan is Prometheus? What is your favorite thing about Olicity? Share your thoughts below!

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