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‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot: Alicia Vikander Admits Worries Over Lara Croft Action Stunts


Alicia Vikander will take on Angelina Jolie's iconic Lara Croft role in the "Tomb Raider" reboot. The Swedish actress was recently photographed filming dangerous stunts for the upcoming action film.

Vikander was seen atop a wooden bar with a wire attached to her back for her safety. Another photo showed the actress hanging from the bar, while another featured her running across the plank. The scene was shot at the movie's South African set. Check out the photos below.

The "Tomb Raider" reboot will follow young Lara as she goes on her first expedition to find her long-lost father. Given that the reboot will serve as Lara's first rodeo, viewers should expect her to be untested and somewhat struggling unlike Jolie's portrayal.

Vikander's Lara aims to complete her disgraced father's research and discover ancient secrets that will clear his tainted name. Lord Richard Croft, will be portrayed by Dominic West, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Richard, a British aristocrat and archeologist, is an important figure in the "Tomb Raider" franchise. Walton Goggins will portray the movie's main villain, while Daniel Wu will play a ship captain who will aid Lara's mission. Goggins has been sharing Instagram photos from Cape Town, South Africa.

In an interview with IGN in March 2016, director Roar Uthaug said that the reboot will portray Lara as a real human being and a relatable character. The Norwegian filmmaker revealed that the movie takes inspiration from the rebooted "Tomb Raider" games, which showcased a younger, grittier Lara Croft akin to Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games" series.

Uthaug said that he adores "strong female characters" and he aims for the reboot to "feel like a modern action movie and to make what's going on feel like it's going on for real." The film's cameras began rolling last month, with Uthaug announcing the news via his Instagram page on Jan. 24.

In an interview to promote "Jason Bourne" last year, Vikander said that she's "really thrilled" to portray Lara Croft, though she's slightly worried about memorizing all the action stunts and choreography required in the movie.

The "Tomb Raider" reboot will bow in theaters on March 16, 2018, with the script written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet. The original films starring Jolie, 2001's "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and 2003's "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," earned a total of $432 million at the international box office. It remains to be seen whether or not the reboot will surpass or equate with that revenue.

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