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New ‘Justice League’ Photo Shows Tense Confrontation Between Wonder Woman, Cyborg & Aquaman Against Faceless Foes


This year's "Justice League" movie will gather DC Comics' biggest superheroes together against the malevolent Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds). Photos and a teaser trailer showcasing the metahumans were already revealed. One recently released picture featured Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) preparing to battle it out with faceless foes.

The new image is part of the new issue of Total Film Magazine, which featured Scarlett Johansson's Major Motoko Kusanagi of "Ghost in the Shell" in the cover. The photo showcased Cyborg's flashy, luminescent gun arm that wasn't seen during his cameo appearance in last year's "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Check out the image below. Another photo released last month showed the superheroes sans Superman getting ready for some action.

The identity (or identities) of the trio's foe in the photo is still unknown. There's no confirmation where they are either, but there are speculations that they have landed in a vessel from Apokolips, Darkseid's hell-like planet. It's possible that the three metas are about to fight a hallway packed with Parademons, or maybe the tense confrontation involves Steppenwolf, according to GamesRadar.

Rounding up the "Justice League" cast are Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Superman (Henry Cavill). Director Zack Snyder said that being forced to work with each other will be challenging for the superheroes.

In an interview with Total Film Magazine, Snyder said that it was fun "exploring the dynamic between this diverse group of larger-than-life characters with disparate backgrounds, ethics, and unique perspectives all trying to come together and work as a team." The filmmaker said that these varying elements are ingredients for "great drama and complex relationships," adding that the main cast's different personalities and chemistry contributed to the superheroes' dynamic in the movie.

Snyder and producer Geoff Johns confirmed that the Motherboxes will play a huge role in the film. Three of the items are in Earth: one for Atlantis, one for the Amazons and one for mankind. The latter was used by Dr. Silas Stone to rebuild Victor Stone into Cyborg, meaning Cyborg himself has a greater purpose in the movie aside from helping in thwarting Steppenwolf's plans, according to

"Justice League" will bow in theaters on Nov. 17, 2017. What do you think of the film so far? Do you believe that the movie will exceed expectations? Share your thoughts below!

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