Worcester State University And Santa Clara University Receive Donations to Boost STEM Program


Donations amounting to millions of dollars were endowed to Worcester State University  and Santa Clara University, respectively. Dr. Aisiku, an alumnus of Worcester State University donated $1 million to his Alma Mater while Susan and John Sobrato, alumni of Santa Clara University donated $100 million. The donations were intended for the improvement of the STEM program of the two schools. 

These two universities offer science, technology, engineering and math courses. The donations will be used to construct buildings. These buildings will house STEM research facilities. Research fellows will receive financial support for the researches that they are conducting. 

Dr. Aisiku was a graduate of Worcester State University in 1992. He finished a bachelor's degree. Later, he took up medicine. He is now a physician. The school will use his donation to finance researches in STEM courses. This will enhance the STEM program of the school, according to the

Meanwhile, the Santa Clara University also received donations from its alumnae. Susan and John Sobrato donated $100 million to their Alma Mater. The university will use the amount for the construction of the science, technology, engineering, and math building. The building will have modern laboratory equipment and facilities, according to The Mercury News.  .

The amount was the biggest donation that the school received. Susan and John Sobrato were graduates of Santa Clara University. John studied business at the university. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the school for many years, according to the Business Wire.

The philanthropic works of the alumnae did not go unnoticed. The Worcester State University called its STEM Center the Aisiku STEM Center. On the other hand, The Worchester State University will call its STEM complex the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation.

STEM program of the United States has attracted students from other countries. Graduates of STEM courses make up the majority of the workforce in related fields. The gifts that the two schools received will result to highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates.

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