Google Likely to Revive the Well-Loved Nexus Brand; Successor of Nexus 6P Reportedly Manufactured by Huawei [VIDEO]


Nexus 6P was once the queen of Google smartphones two years ago. Succeeding the Nexus 5X, the well-loved smartphone captured the hearts of the fans but were disappointed when the search giant announced the possibility of discontinuation of the Nexus brand. However, Nexus 6P still receiving Android updates which lead to the speculation that Google is likely revive the well-loved brand. See full details here!

The Truth Behind the Nexus Brand Revival

Android 7.1.2 Nougat update is reportedly coming to Nexus 6P. This information has woke up the hope of Nexus 6P lovers regarding the possibility of Nexus brand revival after Google announced its intent to discontinue the support for the well-loved brand.

Although this is possible given the current situation, under the Google two-year update guarantee program, devices older than two years will not be able to receive any updates for Android and Nexus 6P will be one of them a year from now, according to CNET. Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are among these devices that fall out of the window this year but still continue to receive security patches.

People Still Choose Nexus 6P over Google Pixel

Many have become disappointed when Google announced the discontinuation of Nexus brand last October 2016 during the launching of Google Pixel phones. According to Gigjet, consumers still choose Nexus 6P until today even after the launching of the new Google hardware.

Nexus 6P stands out for two reasons: first, it's cheaper and second, it provides pure android experience. As added by Gigjet, Nexus 6P is relative cheaper for about $250 compared to Google Pixel phones most especially when it purchased through Project Fi that puts the device under the mid-range category.

Nexus 6P also provides pure Android experience most especially now with Android Nougat where new features are added such as notification panel overhaul and multitasking capabilities. Should Google decide to continue the Nexus brand, Nexus 6P successor manufacture by Huawei is expected to invade the market which makes every Android fans crave for the device. 

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