5 Features of Windows 10 that is Difficult to Miss Out [VIDEO]

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

For the past years, Windows 7 has become the well-loved operating system of all time and even exceeding the ten newly launched Windows 8. However, the time has come for the fans to realize that Windows 10 is what they need in their respective professional lives. Here's the five features of Windows 10 that is hard to miss out!

Virtual Touchpad

Virtual touchpad works when the user does not have any available mouse connected to the tablet when extending the display of the device to TV. According to CIO, virtual touchpad works like a mouse also having a pointer in the second screen that the user can control.

Synced Apps

Or in a nutshell, it's pick up where you left off. This feature enables the user to work on several computers but having the same task. For example, the user can access the document he left at home using Word app and work it in the computer in the office; there's no need to transfer the file.

Special Blue Light

No operating system has done this before. Windows 10 has this blue light special where the device color temperature cools down as the evening approaches. This feature enables the user to have good nighttime sleep.

Automatic Lock if User is Away from Keyboard

This is probably the most interesting feature of Windows 10 the automatic desktop lock when the user steps away from keyboard. Although it doesn't have an official name yet, CIO assumed that it will be name as Proximity Lock, Dynamic Lock and Windows Goodbye - it's either of the three.

Game Mode

The latest build of Windows 10 has brought this feature into the limelight. This feature is considered to be best fit for the gamers because it improves the PC performance in gaming according to Gadgets NDTV. A full-screen mode for games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and many others is now functional in this new feature.

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