iPhone 8 Release Date: To Feature Technologies that ‘Meant to Bury’ Galaxy S8; Physical Design Will Be Nostalgic [VIDEO]


The presumed iPhone 8 is about to make its first appearance to the public in an anonymous date. However, before the public will set their eyes on the phone, let's sum up the new technologies featured by the phone that are meant to bury the toughest rival Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as its nostalgic physical design. See full details!

Latest Technologies That Will Be Featured by iPhone 8

If rumors are true then iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone to feature wireless charging. The 2017 flagship smartphone of Apple is reportedly sporting a wireless charging in an air gap measured in feet or if it's not possible, it is likely to be limited in few millimeters according to Forbes.

Next in the list is the use of Bluetooth headphone by eliminating the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. Although this already been done in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this kind of technology will be enhanced most specifically when it comes to delivering quality music.

Then there's the integration of Touch ID sensor in the physical home button of the phone under the glass display. According to Express, Apple will need optical sensors to be able the phone to read print reflected on the display.

Next up is the facial recognition which allows the phone to perform facial recognition. This feature contributes to the security of the phone because it involves scanning the face of the owner to help in verifying his identification.

Apple is also looking into incorporating the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition in the phone if ever the technical challenges can be overcome. This is part of making the iPhone 8 more secure and safe from unauthorized access.

iPhone 8 Physical Design Will Be Nostalgic

iPhone 8 is reportedly the smartphone to be release by Apple for the celebration of iPhone's 10th anniversary.  Aside from the stunning new features and high-performing specs of the phone, the physical design is also said to be nostalgic as it will feature something like the iPhone 4, the very first iPhone released in 2007.

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