Ease Back To School With College Dorm Essentials Every Student Needs


Whether this is your first year in college or your last year of grad school, the end of summer always means it is about time to go back to your dorm or student housing. Regardless if you are living on or off campus, the rules are just pretty much the same. Your comfort is one of your priorities to make sure you have a comfortable home away from home.

Here is a breakdown of what you exactly need for your college dorm room.


This is definitely one of your necessities, and even if your school will be providing your bed and mattress, you still need to bring your own pillows and blankets. And according to ECampus, it is better to check the particular size of your bed in the dorm by getting in touch with school's Housing Department so you can purchase the right one that will surely fit.

College dorm trunks

These functional storage trunks are a college dorm room staple according to Campus News. They will also come in handy as they can serve as additional sitting spots when you have friends come over.

Shower supplies

Dorms have communal bathrooms and you should have your bathrobe or wrap when traveling back and forth to the shower rooms. Keep your shower essentials and products together by using a shower tote so it is easier for you to carry them.

Cleaning supplies

Now that you are in college, no one else will be there to clean up after you, so if you want to live in a room where everything is clean and tidy, you have to make sure easy-to-use cleaning products that can help you clean up a mess quickly.


Before bringing any appliance, check the rules first with the Housing Department at your school and see what appliances are allowed. Sometimes, they have appliances in the common room in your dorm that everyone can share, this way, you can skip on spending money over these items.

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