College Sports: Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Committing To Play


If you have grown to love playing sports at a young age, chances are you would also want to continue these activities in college, especially when you know that you are very skilled in your craft. You may have enjoyed these organized events and even won championships and awards which is why you are very much pumped up to take it to the next level.

However, you need to know that playing sports in college is a different story. It can be full of risks and involves a lot of different trade-offs. It is important to know the considerations you have to make before you even decide to play. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to keep you guided.

"Why should I consider being a collegiate athlete?"

Being a collegiate athlete will require you a lot of your time; it will be rewarding and fun at the same time, but according to StudentCaffe, it can distract you from the main focus of your studies and your college life, which is to earn a degree. You need to know that you should also succeed in class while succeeding in your chosen sport.

"What are the benefits playing college sports will give me?"

There are certain benefits you can get from being participating in sports in college, only if you know how to strike a balance between athletics and academics. Aside from being fit, you will also master time management, gain more friends who share similar interests and relieve you from academic stress.

"Is it going to give me a good financial deal?"

If playing sports for college will give you a scholarship, you have to consider if it is going to be worth it, according to USA Today College, because it will still depend if the college you have chosen has a strong reputation on an overall brand to play your sport, or strong reputation on your field of study.

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