Ivy League Schools Respond to Trump’s Immigration Ban

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

President Donald Trump signed an executive order which suspends all the refugee admissions to the United States, on Friday evening, and it means that citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen are not going to be allowed to enter the United States for 90 days. Because of this, every Ivy League school has released a statement in response to this legal action.

All of these schools have reaffirmed their support to the affected students, Business Insider reported. Most of the members of the academic community are speaking out against this directive and offered legal assistance for those who need it.

In the Princeton note, President Eisgruber told students that the school's position on the immigration issue is the reflection of their conviction that each person in the campus has benefited from the fact that people had the ability to cross borders to search for a better life.

Brown University Provost Richard M. Locke in a statement, that they are deeply troubled and concerned about the action and about the damage it can cause to their international students and scholars, as well as the entire community, according to Town and Country Mag.

Yale president Peter Salovey also expressed his distress in writing and said how alarmed they are by the executive order, and together with the rest of the Yale community, they question the motivation underlying it and recognize that it departs from the long-standing policies and practices in the country.

President Lee C. Bollinger, from Columbia University wrote in his letter their fear about the federal policies being changed and the way it affects the community is disturbingly real.

At the moment, about 8,000 professors have already signed the petition against Trump's executive orders on immigration, and it is called "Academics Against Immigration Executive Order,".

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