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Day of Solidarity Event Held at Humboldt University


Feelings of discontent and unhappiness took over Humboldt State University campus after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, so one administration came up with an event to bring the cheer back to the students and lift up their spirits.

Humboldt University held a "Day of Solidarity" on Friday, January 20, to help the students heal from the inauguration of the president with free food, massages, meditation and yoga, Campus Reform reported. The event which was organized by Celeste Robertson, Educational Opportunity Program Adviser, started at 1p.m. and was held in the Kate Buchanan Room.

It was a day that was intended not just for students, but also for the entire community so that they can find relief from a day that most people felt like a depressing one, according to The Lumberjack. Robertson said that they organized the event in the hopes that it will open doors for people to talk and exchange ideas without getting angry or retaliate in any way. They also have high hopes that the initiative will help people feel relaxed and get them back to a joyful mood.

Other programs helped out in making the event possible including Check It, HSU Dining Services and Peer Health Educators. They set up fun tables for bath salts, face masks and making your own buttons. There were also tables that offer letters of support and colorings for those who would like to get their feelings out.

Ani Glenn, a senior and critical race, gender and sexuality studies major who helped out at the event said that more than ever, we need to be taking good care of ourselves especially during this time where a lot of people feel not secured and threatened in so many ways. People who came for the event were those who were trying to be uplifted and those who also want to uplift others while trying to keep high hopes for the future.

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