Apple iOS 10.2 Problems: ‘30% Battery Bug’ Still Unfixed, Not Even Officially Admitted By Apple [VIDEO]


The Apple iOS 10.2 has been plagued with various issues particularly the "30% battery bug," where the device except the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus automatically shut downs when the battery reaches the 30 percent mark. Despite extensive complaints from various users and even from the Chinese government, Apple remains vague about fixing the problem and has not even officially admitted it.

The Apple iOS 10.2 has been rolled out over a month ago and various issues have been experienced by iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users who chose to update their devices with the latest OS version. Aside from the abnormal battery draining issue, there are other problems that were raised in various discussion forums including Reddit.

The Apple iOS 10.2 problems also include broken Wi-Fi connectivity, unreliable Bluetooth, busted cellular data, lags and crashes, random reboots, sound issues and installation problems among many others. However, the most headlined problem is none other than the "30% battery bug," where the iPhone excepting the 7 and 7 Plus shuts down when the battery reaches the 30 percent mark.

The problem was first reported in the iPhone 6S, which was vaguely admitted by Apple claiming that it only affects a few devices. The Cupertino giant also launched a limited battery-recall and replacement program, but the 108-page thread in Apple's support communities website confirm that the Apple iOS 10.2 battery problem is far more widespread.

Even a former Apple executive, Tony Fadell dubbed as the "Father of the iPod," confirms that he is also affected by the "30% battery bug," according to Forbes. Apple has been silent on the matter with only a battery diagnostics tool on the Apple iOS 10.2 update as an indication that the company is somehow trying to address the matter.

Moreover, news on the iOS 10.3 update indicates no mention of the "30% battery bug," but only a major new feature that has nothing to do with the current Apple iOS 10.2 problem. With the iPhone battery being in the headlines, Apple is facing serious damage to its reputation. Moreover, users currently on iOS 10.2 have no other option since the iOS 10.1.1 has been closed for downgrade, GottaBeMobile has learned.

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